Home Based Palliative Care:

ShoulderWhile much of Palliative Care services are provided in a hospital or clinic setting, Bridgeway offers home-based care. Within this program, we are able to meet patients at their home (residence, assisted living facility, skilled nursing home, etc.) and provide them with Palliative Care. Our Nurse Practitioner completes a comprehensive exam, patient medical and social history, and individualizes a plan/goals of care.

Our Palliative Care program aims to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations for issues such as dehydration, UTI, or shortness of breath by managing these conditions at home. Patients benefit greatly as their symptoms are managed quickly and in comfortable surroundings. This in turn translates into fewer hospital admissions and reduced costs for the patient/family as well as the overall healthcare system.

Ultimately, we hope to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic or terminal diseases by taking a proactive approach with their care as they progress in their illness.

Because We Care

  • We Come To You
  • Experienced Clinical Staff
  • Community Based Large Service Area
  • Ancillary Services Available: Diagnostics, Infusion, Home Sleep Studies
  • Meaningful Transitions With Disease Progression: Hospice And Home Health